VIDEO: Lost Here Comes The Sun guitar solo discovered

Dhani Harrison, George and Giles Martin listen to Here Comes The Sun with new ears

Between remastered versions and isolated track videos on YouTube, you'd think we would have heard all there is to hear on Beatles recordings by now. Well, think again...

During a visit to Abbey Road Studios last year, Dhani Harrison, son of the late George Harrison, uncovered a guitar solo that never made the final mix of Here Comes The Sun from The Beatles' last album, Abbey Road.

In the video above, Harrison sits with famed Beatles producer George Martin and his son Giles. The three listen to isolated tracks and talk about what they're hearing. Suddenly, at 1:01 in the clip, Dhani pushes a button and the guitar solo leaps out. "It's totally different to anything I've ever heard," Harrison says of his father's playing.

It's a thrilling moment, but perhaps the best bit happens at the end, when Martin looks at Harrison affectionately and says, "You're like your father."