VIDEO: David Lee Roth interviews Eddie and Alex Van Halen

Getting to know you: Eddie and Alex Van Halen talk to journalist David Lee Roth

David Lee Roth has held a variety of jobs: singer, actor, emergency medical technician. He can now add video journalist to his resume. In a new video just posted, Diamond Dave sits down to interview two musicians he already knows pretty well - none other than Eddie and Alex Van Halen.

It's a relaxed conversation, and one the three bandmates have had many times, no doubt. Roth asks the Van Halen brothers how they got involved with music, which leads to a discussion about their childhoods.

The video is titled Part 1, and at the end of the clip it says, "To be continued," so we'll be expecting more.

In the meantime, Van Halen's new album, A Different Kind Of Truth, the band's first full-length with Roth in 28 years, is out today. You can read our track-by-track review right here.