Upcoming book, Hendrix On Hendrix, features dozens of rare interviews

Hendrix On Hendrix provides an intimate look into the groundbreaking guitarist's psyche

Nearly 42 years after his death at the age of 27, interest in Jimi Hendrix is as strong as ever. Next month, fans of the late guitarist will get an unprecedented look into the psyche of both the man and musician with the publication of Hendrix On Hendrix: Interviews And Encounters With Jimi Hendrix.

Edited by noted Hendrix historian Steven Roby, the book presents the stunning arc of the massively influential musician's career, in his own words, during the time he became a cultural icon, beginning with his first interview with the UK music press (Record Mirror, 10 December 1966) to his last Q&A, conducted on 11 September 1970, just one week before his untimely passing.

In all, over 50 interviews from print, radio and TV sources - and even court transcriptions - are represented, during which Hendrix shares his views on everything from his rough upbringing childhood to "Electric Church Music" to being thought of as a race deserter. In his last interview with writer Altham, the young musician discloses that he wants to be remembered as "not just another guitar player."

In the coming weeks, MusicRadar will present an excerpted interview from the book, along with a conversation with Steven Roby. For more information on Hendrix On Hendrix: Interviews And Encounters With Jimi Hendrix (Chicago Review Press), click right here.