The Loog Guitar: 3-string acoustic designed for kids

Self-assembly guitar project looking for funding

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Meet The Loog: available in three body styles
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Flying V
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The rectangle
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The Loog Guitar is a prototype acoustic guitar designed specifically for kids. It's got three strings (half as overwhelming as six) and comes unassembled to encourage your loved ones to feel a higher level of ownership after you've built it together.

The self-assembly feature is also useful later on as your child grows. You can swap the shorter scale neck for a longer one or, if boredom kicks in, opt for a Flying V-style body.

The only catch is that The Loog and its creator Rafael Atijas need $15,000 to fund the first production run, and you can support the project through the creative funding platform Kickstarter ($150 will get you your very own Loog).

Check out the video above to see The Loog in action and find out more about how Kickstarter works here.

(Via Boing Boing)