Rumoured Pixies Minotaur release is real…

…but there's no new material

Frank Black... or is it Black Francis?

Rumours of a new Pixies release have finally come to fruition: it's a box set of reissued albums called Minotaur.

Unfortunately for patient fans (they've waited 18 years for a follow-up to Trompe Le Monde), the 15 June release won't include new material.

The Limited Edition and Deluxe Edition box sets - including all four albums plus the Come On Pilgrim EP – are being repackaged by original artworkers Vaughan Oliver and Simon Larbalestier (remember Trompe's eyeballs?). Rolling Stone has the skinny, including the whopping $450 price tag on the Deluxe Edition!

Pixies are playing the Isle Of Wight festival this year. Fans unable to make it will have to settle for a hit of Bam Thwok below – the only new(ish) material we're likely to hear…

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