Periphery streaming new single, Make Total Destroy

Trying to throw people off, Periphery decided to call their second album Periphery II

That extraordinary league of 'djentlemen,' Perhiphery, are back with a new single, Make Total Destroy, which is featured on their second album, the upcoming Periphery II.

Make Total Destroy is available on iTunes and is currently streaming on the Sumerian Records' YouTube page. Of course, you can check it out above.

Since their debut in 2010, the Maryland-based Periphery have made quite a name for themselves in progressive rock circles. On the new album, they welcome guest guitarists such as Dream Theater's John Petrucci (on the cut Erised), Guthrie Govan (on Have A Blast) and The Faceless' Wes Hauch (on Mile Zero).

Other titles on Periphery II include Muramasa, Facepalm Mute, Luck As A Constant and Froggin' Bullfish, among others.

We'll have more for you on Periphery very soon.