NSF Controls unveils six-position Free-Way switch

Twice the toggle!

Image 1 of 2 NSF Controls unveils six position Free Way switch
Today is a big day for toggle news...
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UK firm NSF Controls has announced the arrival of the Free-Way, a six-position toggle switch that can be retrofitted to a variety of classic guitar designs.

It looks identical to a traditional three-way switch - for example, the pickup selector found on a Gibson Les Paul - but offers twice the options for pickup configurations.

The upside of this is options like coil-taps, phase switching, series and parallel and piezo pickups can be integrated and retro-fitted without damaging modification, or occasionally confusing push-pull pot switches.

The Free-Way is the brain child of guitarist/designed Alasdair Bryce and was originally found on the Gibson Jimmy Page Les Paul Custom model. Now Alasdair has teamed up with NSF Controls to bring it into production and make it available to the retrofit market.