NAMM 2014: Yamaha announces new MG Series consoles

Compact mixers get revamped

Image 1 of 9 Yamaha announces new MG Series consoles
The full range of new MG consoles
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MG20XU (front)
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MG20XU (rear)
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MG20XU top
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MG20XU (side)
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MG06 (front)
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MG06 (rear)
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MG06 (top)
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MG06 (side)

NAMM 2014: Yamaha's pro audio wing has been busy reworking the firm's MG Series of portable mixing consoles, debuting the full new range at this year's Winter NAMM.

In total there are 10 new mixers being unveiled - starting with the entry-level six-channel MG06 and running up to the top-of-the-line 20-channel MG20XU. Five of the mixers will feature SPX effects processors and, with the exception of the MG06X, USB connectivity, as denoted by the X/XU tags.

The models all share the same Class-A 'D-PRE' preamps, durable knobs and powder-coated steel chassises, while the USB-connected XU models will also benefit from iPad compatibility via Apple's Camera Connection Kit.

Price-wise, Yamaha says it expects the MG line's MSRPs to echo those of its predecessors. For more information, take a look the press release below.

Yamaha MG Series Consoles press release

Yamaha have introduced an all-new range of MG Series compact mixing consoles. With a flexible 10-strong lineup of completely re-designed consoles suitable for both portable and installation applications, the new MG mixers put an emphasis on sound quality combined with a level of reliability and performance that have made this series an industry standard.

Featuring 5 standard models (ranging from 6 to 20 inputs), and 5 models with onboard SPX effects processors, the new series comprises a versatile lineup that will meet the demands of a wide range of mixing applications.

All models feature Yamaha's state-of-the-art discrete Class-A 'D-PRE' microphone preamps which use inverted Darlington circuit technology. These studio-grade preamps – also found on Yamaha's high-end professional mixers – deliver more power with lower impedance, meeting the requirements of even the most demanding professional sound engineers. Delivering fat, natural-sounding bass, rich mids, and smooth, soaring highs, with very low distortion, D-PRE preamps have an impressively wide frequency range, allowing them to handle signals from any audio source without colouration.

Models with 10 or more inputs are equipped with newly upgraded 1-knob compressors allowing optimised compression to a wide variety of input sources with the touch of a single control.

A favourite of sound engineers around the world since their release in 1985, Yamaha's acclaimed SPX effects processors are an industry standard, ubiquitous in sound reinforcement and recording applications, and in the music industry in general. The XU models feature an upgraded version of this renowned effects processor, with a comprehensive suite of 24 different effects (upgraded from 16 in the previous series), while the 6-channel MG06X is equipped with 6 presets.

The XU models also feature a USB 2.0 audio interface providing 24-bit/192kHz quality, allowing playback of digital content from a PC, and recording of the mixer output using DAW software. Steinberg's Cubase AI software is included with these models and USB Audio Class 2.0 is also supported, allowing use with compliant tablets and other devices without installing drivers. All models in the XU line are also compatible with Apple's Camera Connection Kit or Lighting-to-USB Camera Adapter for seamless recording and playback of digital audio content to and from an iPad or iPhone.

Each model in the new series has been redesigned with an emphasis on durability, incorporating practical features that offer greater resistance to the conditions and hazards that they may be subjected to. A powder-coated steel chassis provides improved structural strength, while the placement of the knobs above the surface of the chassis protects internal components by absorbing any impact or pressure on the knobs themselves. Based on feedback from Yamaha's worldwide customer base, all models with 12 or more channels also offer improved reliability thanks to internal universal power supplies.

New MG Series mixer will be available from March 2014 with pricing expected to be similar to the current series.

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