NAMM 2011 VIDEO: Dream Theater's Jordan Rudess in iPad 'duel'

Keyboard master and guitarist Rob Math go app mad!

NAMM 2011 VIDEO Dream Theater s Jordan Rudess in iPad duel
Jordan Rudess and Rob Math are all smiles as their duel became an all-out app jam
(Image: © © Joe Bosso)
FutTv : zH7ZDnly3v2D0

NAMM 2011: It was billed as a 'duel,' the pairing of Dream Theater's keyboard magician and guitar session ace Rob Math at the Agile Partners' booth. But the two musicians - Rudess utilizing a new Korg Kronos Workstation and demonstrating the seemingly limitless wonders of his own creation, the MorphWiz; and Math rocking out on guitar through the AmpKit and the AmpKit Link - found common ground quickly.

In reality, the 30-minute iPad session was more of a friendly jam than an app can-you-top-this? shootout. The crowd lapped it up, too, mesmerized by the otherworldly sounds Rudess coaxed from the MorphWiz and dazzled by Math's inventive guitar prowess.

MusicRadar gives you a front-row seat for what is already being talked about as one of NAMM 2011's most exciting and groundbreaking musical experiences.

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