Musikmesse 2011: Diezel Hagen guitar amp to make debut

First pictures surface ahead of Frankfurt

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Diezel Hagen: click here for a closer look
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Image 6 of 6 Diezel Hagen

Musikmesse 2011: Diezel is to debut a new guitar amp, Hagen, in Frankfurt this week.

Details are still pretty scarce, although Guitarnoize did find a rather handy summary of what to expect: "...the Headshell of the Herbert, the 4 Channels from the VH4, the vertical pots of the Einstein and the switching from the Schmidt".

Check out the gallery for a closer look at the Hagen. This from Diezel's official site

Diezel Hagen features:

  • 100 Watts, Custom Transformers
  • Midi-switchable via any midi pedal, Diezel Columbus or proprietary Hagen-Footswitch
  • 4 Channels
  • 2 Mastervolumes
  • Loops:Switchable serial loop, permanent serial and parallel loop
  • Tuner Out, Compensated (recording) Out (needs load)

Price TBA. More as we get it.