Musikmesse 08: Peavey launches VYPYR modelling amps

See our video: 32-bit processing, looping, amp-modelling, onboard effects, USB audio interface, the kitchen sink...

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The VYPYR Tube 120 combo at Frankfurt Musikmesse
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The VYPYR Tube 120 combo

Amongst the plethora of new products jostling for position at the Frankfurt Musikmesse 2008, a new range sure to kick up a storm is Peavey's new hi-spec modelling guitar amplifiers, the VYPYR series.

Based on 32-bit SHARC processors and featuring 24 amp models based on - and we're pretty sure this is a first - the clean and dirty channels of 12 popular amplifiers, other goodies onboard include 11 stompbox-style preamp effects and 11 post-amp, rack-style effects, all editable. Peavey's Sanpera foot controller unlocks 400 programmable presets and a loop sampler.

While they don't do the dishes as far as we know, the VYPYRs also act as computer audio interfaces via USB 2.0.

The VYPYR Tube 120 and Tube 60 have all this technology coupled to 6L6 power stages, while the 100, 75, 30 and 15-watt models are powered by solid-state.

For more information, visit the official Peavey website. Prices are still TBC, but expect them to be affordable rather than boutique.

Video: see the solid-state version of the Peavey VYPYR being played at Musikmesse Frankfurt 08

Video: The VYPYR Tube 120 combo