Morley launches new pedals

Four models unveiled for 2014

Image 1 of 4 Morley launches new pedals
Look at that steady piece of Morley engineering: the M2 Passive Stereo Volume.
Image 2 of 4 Morley launches new pedals
Well hello there, M2 Passive Voltage Control / Expression Pedal.
Image 3 of 4 Morley launches new pedals
The M2 Wah: build like a tank, tone like... Well, not a tank.
Image 4 of 4 Morley launches new pedals
And finally here's the M2 Wah Volume.

Morley has unveiled four new expression pedals for 2014.

The stomp box specialist has been busy, with the M2 Wah, M2 Wah Volume, M2 Passive Stereo Volume and M2 Passive Voltage Control/Expression Pedal all available in the shops as of now.

The M2 Wah is a vintage-voiced wah featuring wah level control, True Tone buffer and LED indication, and is priced at £84.99 ($140). Next up is the M2 Wah Volume (£99.99/$165), which shares the features of the M2 Wah and throws in a choice between Wah or Volume mode.

The M2 Passive Stereo Volume (£79.99/$130) has a smooth linear taper that can be used for guitar, bass or keyboards. It has the facility for a single output to route two outputs simultaneously, and as it's passive it doesn't need a battery, which is handy.

Finally comes the M2 Passive Voltage Control/Expression Pedal (£69.99/$115), which gives you linear control of any device that requires a voltage control or expression pedal via TRS cable.

All the new pedals have a two-year warranty and are housed in Morley's instantly recognisable rolled steel housing.

For more information visit the official Morley website.