Fender unveils guitar-inspired jewellery line: Fender by King Baby

Collection includes gas mask- and grenade-shaped pendants

Fender has teamed up with King Baby Studio to create its own line of rock'n'roll-inspired jewellery.

The collection includes rings, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, pendants and cufflinks, for men and woman. The designs draw upon "the spirit of music itself by showcasing elements conducive to every music genre Fender has been so influential in."

Think picks, microphones, turntables, gas masks ["representing the anti-establishment roots of the underground punk rock scene"], grenades and amplifier knobs turned up to 11. Here's Fender's explanation:

"Throughout history, music and fashion have gone hand-in-hand, inspiring and igniting unique styles and trends. King Baby is world renowned for creating some of the most unique, highly-detailed, and most sought after premium jewelry collections. Fender too has a rich legacy of more than 60 years of iconic imagery and relevance in all genres of music and the resulting pop culture.

"The combination and collaboration of King Baby and Fender has resulted in a collection that allows the inner rock star in all people to express their individual lifestyle and passion for all-things music."


The collection launched on 15 February but there's no sign of it on King Baby or Fender's store, so no prices yet.