Electric Guitar 101: Part 9 - Intervals Quiz

Can you figure out all of these intervals?

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This week in Electric Guitar 101 - our series of beginner guitar lessons in conjunction with JamPlay.com - we follow up last week's lesson on intervals with a pop quiz.

You'll find a PDF of the blank answer sheet and some notes/tips for the quiz below. To take the quiz, print out the blank answer sheet, grab your guitar and then sit down and watch the videos. When you hear Chris play an example interval, write down your best guess on the sheet, eg "Perfect 4th" or "Minor 3rd".

Blank intervals quiz answer sheet PDF (right-click to download)

Intervals quiz notes PDF (right-click to download)

You might want to watch the understanding intervals video lessons again before you take the quiz. A PDF of the answers can be found after the last video, but remember that you'll gain a lot more from trying to figure it out on your own. Good luck!

1. Introduction

2. Quiz time

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3. Non-diatonic quiz

FutTv : 4GL387dyG55sR

4. Know your roots

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Intervals quiz answers PDF

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