SUMMER NAMM 2012: Mapex unveils The Raven drum line

The first in a new series of kits

At Summer NAMM 2012 in Nashville, we stopped by the Mapex Drums booth and met up with product manager Joe Hibbs. Joe showed off the new kit Mapex is unveiling, The Raven, a limited- edition run and the first in a series of Meridian Black sets.

Constructed of Birch/Maple shells, the insides of which feature the new "Interblack" to increase resonance and projection. The specs are 22" x 20" bass drum, 12" x 08" rack tom, two floor toms (14" x 12" and 16" x 14") and a 14" x 06" snare.

The shells come wrapped in a Raven-sheen black wood grain finish, fitted with satin black hardware, and are topped with Remo drumheads. A 10" x 07" add-on rack tom is available.

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