Interactive percussion site launches

Interactive percussive website aims to raise awareness for environmental issues

A new interactive website exploring the different rhythms of the world has been launched to coincide with World Environment Day.

The website,, allows users to create beats using virtual percussion instruments from around the world. Using a simplified garage-band type interface, you can drag and drop instruments from an interactive map - so you can learn about the instruments as well as hear what they sound like, and then create your own grooves.

The website is the brainchild of music producer Vic Coppersmith-Heaven and his son Josh, and aims to raise money for environmental causes - with the option to donate on the site.

World artists involved in the creation of the beats include Sengalese percussionist Seckou Keita, Brazilian drumming troupe Eri Okan and master Taiko drummer Joji Hirota.

Check out the Rhythms Of The Earth site here!