Guru Origin Series Satinwood

Hear the pure tone of Guru's Satinwood shells

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Image 1 of 3 Guru Origin Series Satinwood kit
All of Guru's instruments are built in house by drumsmith Dean Price
Image 2 of 3 Guru Origin Series Satinwood kit 2
This Satinwood kit is from the flagship Origin Custom range
Image 3 of 3 Guru Origin Series Satinwood kit 3
These special instruments are designed to provide pure tones and excellent tuning

DRUM EXPO 2013: Guru Origin - clear fundamental, total overtone control and dynamic performance unmatched by any other design.

These special instruments deliver pure tones at the slightest touch. Available in a full range of sizes and solid shell constructions, all feature Guru signature segmented bass drum hoops and Guru's UK made ultra low mass aluminium shell hardware. All Origin and In-Tense series drums are incredibly light weight too.

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