17 more outrageous drum kits from the internet

The craziness continues...

Recently, MusicRadar put together a delightfully bizarre - OK, it was pretty f'd up - photo spread of the 17 most outrageous drum kits on the internet.

The reaction from viewers was overwhelming: "WTF?!" you said in unison. Frankly, we expected nothing less.

But you demanded more...and more...and more! And being the altrustic folks that we are, that's just what we've got for you. More outrageous drums, snatched from the outer regions of cyperspace. Some are real finds, while others...well, why don't we just have a looksee?

Here they are, 17 more outrageous drums from the internet. If they make you feel like hitting something, go right ahead.

17. The Mini Drum Mobile

Worried about making the gig in time? Don't be. This girl can start the show from down the street. And forget about setting up and breaking down. Play, then drive off - what could be better?

16. Very 'cymbolic'

Ever find that your drums are just too, you know, 'drummy'? One guy found a solution. Cymbals. As in, a lot of them. Which begs the musical question: does he ever just keep a beat?


15. Computer desk drums

Not really, but the Vision One Computer Desk, which the company promises is "the best computer desk system on Earth," is designed to offer "ergonomic comfort and outstanding quality at an affordable price." But at a cost of $1,700 (sans monitor and speakers), you'd think they could throw in some sticks.

14. Bicycle drum set

UK musician David Osborne pedals his drum set to his favorite locale and plays for tips. It's a novel idea, but we wonder, was Frank Zappa his inspiration?

YouTube : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fWCOlonWCg0


13. A couple of show-offs

"My kit's bigger than yours." "Nuh-uh. Look at my awesome tom, man. And I got way more cymbals." "Huh! Too bad you can't play 'em." (pause) "Your mother's so fat..."

12. Duct tape drums

Tommy worked at the office supplies store and he noticed that the duct tape just wasn't moving. Then it hit him: drums! Even a guitar too. His dog, Sparky, is a huge admirer.


11. Blinged-out drums

In these trying economic times, the ddrum company knows that every drummer needs a happening rim out front.

YouTube : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YlUHTU3fx9A&feature=related

10. Potted plant drums

Johnny had to quit the band and get a real job. But he just couldn't bear to get rid of his kit. So he came up with something that his wife just loves. They can even cuddle in front of the TV too.


9. Ballad-deflecting drums

Want to make sure your band never plays any mushy power ballads? Get an evil-looking set like this one. Then just let 'em try throwing a girlie song into the mix.

8. For adventurous rack tom players only

Honestly, we have no idea why somebody would set up their toms in this fashion, but we'd love to see a video tutorial.


7. SpongeBob SquarePants drums

Playing Bikini Bottom soon? You'll need these.

6. Have a Tama showroom in your den!

Of course they look amazing. But how the heck do you play the toms on the ceiling? Maybe Tommy Lee knows.


5. Hypnotic drums

We have no idea if this guy is great, good or a mere beginner. But he's sure mastered that 'I have you in my power' thing.

4. Vic Berton's kit

From the 1920's through the '40s, Vic Berton was considered one of the greatest jazz drummers around. According to legend, he was once busted for smoking marijuana with Louis Armstrong. With a kit like this, who would've guessed him for a pothead?


3. Junk drums

The Groove Criminal folks assembled this kit from found items: pots and pants, watering cans, buckets, plastic bins, even a lampshade from Ikea. Didn't Fat Albert and his gang rock a set like this one?

2. Gives new meaning to the term 'flaming'

Gary couldn't understand why, every time he said, "Hey, let's do Fire by Jimi Hendrix!" the guys in his band shook their heads and said, "Nah, too obvious."

1. And finally...the Electronic Drum Kit Shirt!

Can't master a real drum set? Or maybe portability is your thing. Well, the Electronic Drum Kit Shirt might be just for you. Powered by 4 AAA batteries that are held with the speaker in a hidden pocket near the hem, he black shirt costs just $29.99. Each of the drums pictured produce a different sound. So rock out anytime, anywhere.Just don't get too sweaty.

YouTube : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wjZNzn-zzhc


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