Cool and classic basses: Vaccaro X-Ray Bass

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Cool and classic basses Vaccaro X Ray Bass
Power forged and ready to rock

Henry Vaccaro Senior was one of the founding members of Kramer Music Products who introduced the amazing power-forged aluminium T-neck in 1976.

He was the company chairman from 1982-1988 but dissolved the company when testing began on the new aluminium V-neck, and the Vaccaro brand was launched. Unlike the Kramer T-Neck, which was troubled by temperature change, cold to the touch and extremely heavy, the V-Neck used an aluminium core surrounded by wood, and so was considerably lighter, resistant to temperature changes and also employed a truss rod.

Whist many other basses also opt for a P/J pickup configuration the X-Ray has a distinctive edginess to its overall sound plus excellent sustain thanks to this unusual construction. Combined with that striking headstock it was a winner but sadly not enough to prevent the company closing in 2002. Orange Sparkle was the signature colour but came in several other sparkling finishes as well as black.

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