Cool and classic basses: Burns Marquee 5-String bass

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Cool and classic basses Burns Marquee 5 String bass
Burns, baby, Burns

This is a second one-off from Burns built in 2001 and it's another very distinctive 5-String bass, loosely modelled on the Burns Jazz Bass design from 1964 that was later revamped as the Marquee Bass in 2000.

The reversed headstock is a Burns first, the dot inlays seem rather too small on such a wide fretboard and the two piece scratchplate is an unusual shape. The MM styled humbucker is the real surprise here though, and is neatly linked to the switch between the controls allowing the unit to be used either as a pair of single coil or with both coils together.

Jim Burns was notorious for producing custom ordered one-offs, prototypes and 'bitsas' and it's great to know that Burns London will do the same if the opportunity presents itself. Our sincere thanks go to Barry Gibson of Burns for providing the picture and this information.

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