Cool and classic basses: Guild B-301

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One of the most collectable Guild basses ever and consequently quite often found today with different pickups fitted. The uniquely shaped body is well proportioned and the bass is relatively light in weight in spite of having both the body and neck made in mahogany. The black-faced headstock features an inlaid pearl Chesterfield (crown and pillar) logo and is tilted back for good string anchorage through the nut.

The DiMarzio pickup sits slightly off-centre towards the bridge and this gives it a good solid sound. The Fender like black-skirted knobs have dimpled silver tops with 'G shield' embossed logo and along with the jack socket all sit upon the black laminated scratchplate. The chrome plated solid brass bridge is adjustable so allows for altering string spacing and the B-301 is well known for its excellent sustain, as is the twin pickup version the B-302.

It was also available as a fretless and is definitely a bass to try if you get the opportunity.

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