VIDEO: Kaki King and her live acoustic guitars

Signature Ovation Adamas, Veillette Gryphon, Moog prototype and more

FutTv : QYL1x3THhddH1

ACOUSTIC WEEK: It's not so much that Kaki King does things on an acoustic guitar that other players can't; rather, it's that she thinks differently. Her idiosyncratic talents and vesuvian impulses are in full bloom on her luminous new album, Glow, an intoxicating collection of all-original instrumentals.

On her current US tour, King is performing many of the songs found on Glow, and as you might expect from such a daring and uncompromising artist, she doesn't take just any guitars with her. After a soundcheck at New York City's Le Poissan Rouge, King gave us an up-close-and-personal look at her quintet of acoustic beauties, including her own signature Ovation Adamas and the Moog Lev-96, a prototype she's beta testing for the company.

Check it all out in the above video.