Ableton is teaching you to make music in your web browser, and it won’t cost you anything

You can export your work for use in Live

Over the past couple of years, Ableton has started to put the focus on providing you with not just the tools you need to make music, but also the knowledge. We’ve had a book, full of creative strategies for producers, and a video series featuring artists talking about the ‘one thing’ they do to keep their creativity flowing.

In a separate development, he company has now released an interactive set of free music production lessons that you can work through in your web browser. The course covers beats, notes and scales, chords, basslines and melodies, before moving on to discuss song structure. There’s also ‘the playground’, which enables you to experiment with all the interactive tools featured in the lessons, and some more advanced music theory information.

You can access the kessons for free on the Ableton website, and any patterns you create can be exported for use in Live.  

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