Play acoustic like Paul, John and George...

With their brilliant remasters still flying out of the shops like hot cakes, what better way to celebrate the Fab Four's incredible contribution to popular music by getting the styles of the three guitar-playing Beatles under your fingers?

Well in November's Guitar Techniques (out on October 8th) you can do just that! Stuart Ryan has dissected the playing styles of Paul, John and George to give you an incredible insight into how they wrote and played acoustic tracks that will literally live forever.

Learn Paul's 'finger and thumb' technique, George's tasteful flat-pick style, and of course John's claw-hammer method, as taught to him by Scottish folk legend Donovan.

Mastering these three styles will unlock the door to some of the 20th century's greatest ever compositions, and perhaps inspire you to write your own Yesterday, Here Comes The Sun or Julia...

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