Umek's Guide to breakdowns

The Slovenian godfather of Techno gives you his three steps to behemoth breakdowns


After the jump, Umek himself will walk you through his three-step guide to building the best breakdowns - something critical to nailing that perfect drop when producing your next club anthem.

"After a couple of bars of the basic rhythm section, I always introduce new elements, percussion and hi-hats to build a new pace," explains Umek. "The kick in the beginning is shorter and weaker at first, then I'll bring in a new, bigger one.

"After 16 or 32 bars, I take out one kick to release the tension before I bring in a new element in the form of synth, bassline, 'swizz' noise or short Rock drum solo for organic feel. After another 16 bars, I start bringing in a fi ltered melody, which I steadily open. That's when I might chop in a small break, which announces the additional rhythm section, hi-hats, shakers or loops."


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