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Free music software round-up: Week 59

This week, a new synth that promises not just style but substance, and news of an OS X port for a popular series of guitar amp/FX plug-ins.

If you've got a new free music software release, make sure you let us know about it by emailing musicradar.pressreleases@futurenet.com with all the details.

TS substance

Tactile Sounds TS-Substance

Platform/format: PC/VST Download

If you were asked to come up with a list of things that you'd like to see in a new free soft synth, simplicity, flexibility and (good) sound quality would probably be on it. This is what Substance promises: it was inspired by the classic analogue polysynths of the past and has two oscillator sections, two LFOs, two envelopes and two filters.


AuraPlug Freetortion Series

Platform/format: PC, Mac/VST, AU Download

OK, it's not new, but Mac users should be aware that Auraplug's Freetortion Series, which contains six guitarist-friendly amp/FX plug-ins, has just been ported to OS X. The only stipulation is that you'll need an Intel-based machine to run them.

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