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Samplephonics announce new analogue synth ROMpler

Nevo Analogue Machines delivers the sound of Mini Moog, Juno 106 and more

Samplephonics have announced a new analogue synth emulator by the name of Nevo Analogue Machines – and it's out now.

Available as a custom Kontakt 5 instrument as well as Logic Pro Channel Strips and a Reason Refill, the synth promises over 17,000 sampled analogue waveforms from a Mini Moog, JX10, SH-101, Oberheim M6R, Juno 106 and a Korg MS10.

Yours for £89, the instrument also delivers an analogue style sequencer, an arpeggiator, a chord generator, custom stereo and chorus effects, envelopes, LFOs and more.

Those of a curious disposition are advised to visit the Samplephonics store.

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