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Moby lets you use his music in your film

Mobygratis.com is a free resource for independent, non-profit film makers

Moby's music may have been used in countless commercials over the years, but he's now relaunching Mobygratis.com, an online music resource that enables non-profit movie makers to use its content for free.

The service has been running for a while now but Moby has just posted a new YouTube clip to promote it (see above). Once you've signed up you can access over 150 tracks, including some from Moby albums Destroyed, Wait For Me, Hotel, 18 and Play.

Once you've applied to use one or more tracks you should find out whether you've got approval within 24 hours. Should it transpire that the film you use the music in ends up making money, all proceeds from the use of Moby's music will be donated to the Humane Society.

Find out more at Mobygratis.com.

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