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midipad iPad multitouch controller app announced


From the moment it was announced, musicians have assumed that Apple's iPad will make for a perfect multitouch control surface. Now we have our first evidence that this could be the case in the form of midipad.

Designed by Tobias Erichsen and Thomas Tautz, this will communicate over a network-MIDI protocol, which means it should be plug-and-play via Apple's Bonjour. The idea is that midipad will turn your iPad intro a multitouch controller for Mac- and Windows-based applications.

midipad will ship with four preconfigured setups (or views): Studio; DJ; Launch; and FX (check out the Studio view above and the others below). These will feature standard controls such as buttons, trigger pads, sliders, ribbon controls, knobs and transport buttons.

Communication with the computer looks set to be two-way, so changes made on your Mac or PC should be reflected on the iPad.

At the moment, we're told that midipad is 'coming soon'. For many prospective iPad owners, its release won't be able to come soon enough.

DJ view


Launch view


FX view


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