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LCD Soundsystem man goes "classic rock"

Synths out, power chords in

LCD Soundsystem's music usually has a decidedly electronic edge, but main man James Murphy has revealed that his next project will be a more traditional and – dare we say it – less inventive one.

Speaking to BBC 6 Music, Murphy said that he's been playing bass with a new band that's signed to his DFA label, and that the album they're working on will be "a rock record, a classic rock record".

The line-up features Scott Wells and Paul Sprangers, previous members of a band called Hockey Night, and also LCD's live drummer Pat Mahoney. However, it's understood that neither Murphy or Mahoney will play live.

What's more, the new band doesn't yet have a name: "They have a lot of names that we argue back and forth about," revealed Murphy. "I think they try to come up with the worst names possible just to wind me up."

Assuming a suitable moniker is eventually chosen - MusicRadar suggests LC/DC - the album should be released in the first half of 2009.

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