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Icicle adds USB compatibility to any XLR microphone

Converter works with dynamic and condenser models

USB microphones are now a dime a dozen, but what if you want to plug your standard XLR model directly into your computer? Blue Microphones has the solution in the form of Icicle, an in-line USB converter and preamp.

Designed to work with dynamic and condenser microphones, Icicle is a plug-n-play device that offers a 48V phantom power option. There's an analogue gain control, and 16-bit/44.1kHz conversion.

Using the Icicle is simple – just plug your mic into one end and the USB cable into your Mac or PC.

Commenting on the product's launch, Blue Microphones President Skipper Wise said: "Today's musicians live in both the analogue and digital worlds, and Icicle bridges those worlds with sophistication, an understanding of how musicians work, and a clean, simple style".

Icicle should be available around the world in December and has a suggested US retail price of $60.

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