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Benge video interview at MemeTune Studios

We interview the man of many modules about his studio and amazing synth collection

Check out the video above to see a very special studio in North London and one of the finest collections of synths in the world. Home to producer and musician Benge, MemeTune Studios is wall-to-wall synth magic, featuring some of the rarest and most impressive synths ever made.

The colossal Moog Modular IIIC takes pride and place, with a remarkable collection of modulars dotted around it. Recently, Benge has been collaborating with British Electronic music legend John Foxx as 'The Maths' with a new album due in March 2013, as well as collaborating with Gazelle Twin on a new project Striped Light. We're not the only ones who wanted in on the MemeTune action – the studio has recently hosted visitors such as James Murphy, Jarvis Cocker, Soulwax and Nick Zinner.

Visit the MemeTune website for a selected equipment list and visit Benge's blog to keep up with the latest news and views.

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