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You could open for Coldplay

Contest runs in six US cities

Every band dreams of going from their basement to an arena, right? Well, thanks to Coldplay, that dream will be a reality for six lucky (and no doubt talented) combos in six US cities.

At half a dozen stops on their forthcoming US tour (Chicago, San Jose, Philadelphia, DC, Boston and Hartford), Coldplay is offerinig up the opening slot to bands looking for a big break. All you have to do for the privilege is submit a YouTube video of yourself to the requisite radio station-sponsored section of coldplayontour.com. Then you have to wait by the phone - that's the hard part.

And what happens, to paraphrase John Lennon, if you pass the audition? You get to rock a packed house and try to blow Chris Martin and the gang off the stage. If you do succeed in the latter, however, don't expect the boys to share their backstage bubbly. But hey, that's show biz.

Good luck.

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