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StompBox Band puts two guitar effect racks on one iPad

App lets you process two instruments at once

StompBox Band is a new iPad app that turns your tablet into not one but two guitar effect racks. It comes from 4Pocketsaudio, and is a beefed-up version of the original StompBox app.

Designed for bands or soloists who want a dual-effect rack, StompBox Band's racks can be run at the same time and their outputs sent to different channels (providing you have a suitable audio interface, that is). This means that it can be used by two guitarists simultaneously.

Other features include a Chord Explorer, which enables you to audition patches while tweaking them, and a Song Mode that you can use to save commonly-used patches and effects to song files.

There's support for AudioBus and Inter-App Audio, and owners of StompBox and StompBox Free can use their in-app purchases in StompBox Band.

You can find out more on the dedicated StompBox Band website, while the app can be purchased now from the Apple App Store priced at £17.99/$25.99.

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