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Get free Thom Yorke remix, remember 'dark days of Bush'

Radiohead's 'optimistic' celebration for Obama

Looks like 5 November 2008 was a busy day for Radiohead. It was (and is every year, presumably) guitarist Jonny Greenwood's birthday, bonfire night in the UK and "the dawn of a new era in politics in the USA." Thom Yorke is so pleased with Barack Obama's victory he's giving away a remix of Harrowdown Hill.

The track, released as a single and as part of Thom's solo album The Eraser, was apparently remixed and "finished ages ago." You can download it from Radiohead's official site, where you'll also find this - almost capital-letter-free - note:

"did i fall or was i pushed?
in celebration of nov 5th
jonnys burthday
amid bonfire and fireworks in the UK
and the dawn of a new era in politics in the USA
i humbly donate a remix of harrowdown hill that was finished ages ago during the band webcasts,
a small reminder of the dark days of Bush's....

How could we forget?

Good old Thom. While the world is looking forward to the positives, how about a wake-up-call to remind us all of past mistakes, cold nights and "dark days." Nice remix, though…

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