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Eagles Of Death Metal frontman strips for interview

Eagles Of Death Metal frontman Jesse 'The Devil' Hughes, aka Boots Electric, is no shrinking violet. When he hooked up with Total Guitar magazine recently to answer readers' questions, he decided to pose for the camera wearing little more than aviators, cowboy boots, orange Y-fronts and a moustache.

TG reader Rob Turner asked if the band perform any rituals before they go onstage, to which Hughes replies: "I listen to Bob & Earl's Harlem Shuffle and Little Richard's Lucille to remind me where rock music comes from.

"Before we actually walk onstage we all kiss each other to remind ourselves that we love one another and that we're never so serious that we can't have a little man-love to lighten things up a bit."

Indeed. Queens Of The Stone Age mainman Josh Homme is not only Hughes's best buddy, but he also plays on all of the EODM records. TG reader Carl Deacon was curious to find out whether Hughes is set to make an appearance on Homme's next Desert Sessions recording.

"We're never so serious that we can't have a little man-love to lighten things up a bit." Jesse Hughes

"Josh wants me to be", says Hughes, "If I'm not on tour and the music calls for me then I shall be there.

"I want to do it. I've been on one before and that didn't turn out too bad for me. I'd like to see an all-girl Desert Sessions. Then I'd definitely be there."

To read the full interview, check out Total Guitar issue 186, on sale 25 February. Eagles Of Death Metal's new LP, Heart On, is out now.

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