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Could The Beatles' lyrics save the music industry?

Lynryd Skynyrd's lyrics might help too

Lyric Culture is a US-based clothing brand that prints famous song lyrics onto T-shirts, jeans and other items of clothing. It's the brain child of singer-songwriter and clothing entrepreneur Hanna Rochelle Schmieder, who's mission statement is to "save the music business" by giving songwriters a cut of her profits. How nice.

Printed lyrics include The Beatles' Revolution, Let It Be and Come Together, Lynryd Skynyrd's Free Bird and Steppenwolf's Born To Be Wild. There's also a youth collection inspired by Miley Cyrus and American Idol. The items sell from $20-$600 with royalties ranging from 50c-$20.

It's a nice idea, and we're sure songwriters will appreciate all the income they can get with the current state of the MP3-pillaging music industry. We're also sure that The Beatles' lyrics will prove most popular – lucky then for Sir Paul McCartney, who obviously needs the royalties more than most.

Fingers crossed for a string vest adorned with Sultans Of Ping's Where's Me Jumper? Or a frayed top featuring Weezer's Undone – The Sweater Song.

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