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10 most expensive gigs of 2008

Who charges the most for a concert ticket?

Ok, it might look like a re-run of the 20 highest-earning artists of 2008, but this is a list of the most expensive concert tickets according to Ticketmaster's average resale price. And 'no', the lists don't differ much…

1. Madonna ($378)
2. Elton John ($306)
3. The Eagles ($279)
4. AC/DC ($263)
5. Tina Turner ($263)
6. Celine Dion ($240)
7. Bruce Springsteen ($235)
8. Coldplay ($217)
9. Neil Diamond ($217)
10. The Police ($216)

So there you have it. Did you really think Celine Dion cleared $106 million last year by selling t-shirts?

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