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NAMM 2012: Tama unveils two new Mike Portnoy signature snare drums

NAMM 2012: At the NAMM Show next week, Tama will unveil two exciting, updated versions of Mike Portnoy's steel signature snare drums.

The first, a 5x12-inch, is exactly the same as Portnoy's previous 12-inch model but with a new badge, an ambigram that reads "Mike Portnoy" even if you turn the drum upside down. (Go ahead - turn your computer upside down and check it out!) Cool? Absolutely!

Tama is also introducing a 5.5x14-inch version of the Mike Portnoy's steel signature snare, featuring the same steel shell material, matte black finish and newly designed badge.

In addition, later in 2012, Tama will announce a new wood 5.5x14-inch Mike Portnoy signature snare drum to replace his previous MP1455 Maple signature snare.

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