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Live drum tracks made to order via the web

Voxengo will do it in five days

If the thing your latest song is missing is a live drum track, plug-in developer Voxengo might just be able to help you.

However, rather than selling you a new bit of rhythmic software, the company is offering to record a track that's played by a real drummer in its own studio.

Given its history as a plug-in producer, Voxengo is surprisingly dismissive of drum samplers, claiming that "nothing in the computer world can replace a real human drummer feel".

The company believes that: "A realistic drum sound cannot be reproduced by a drum sampler since a drum set 'sounds' as a single complex acoustical instrument: this makes it impossible to recreate such sound by means of discrete sampled drum hits."

"Nothing in the computer world can replace a real human drummer feel." Voxengo

Those who order a drum track from Voxengo will receive a finalised stereo mix within five days. This can be used 'as is' or be treated with additional processing.

To carry out the service, Voxengo requires a song track (ie, the song minus the drums) and a separate rhythm track for guidance.

The price is $109.95 per song – you can find out more and hear examples of the kind of results you can expect on the Voxengo website.

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